Denver Green Screen Studio Rentals

Here is a quick glimpse of our studio space transformed for a product photography shoot. We shot with our RED Epic Dragon and Motion Control Rig to capture multi-pass sequences for compositing of the final footage.


We designed our 1,200 studio to fit the needs of videographers and photographers alike, outfitted with professional lighting and sound stage in a facility that caters to small-to-medium sized productions.

musician spotlight video

Manmade Media shoots Colorado Symphony’s Concert Master, Yumi Hwang Williams.


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Video studio rental Denver – lounge are at the studio

video studio rental denver

Relax in our meeting space.

Pictured above is the lounge space for the crew / clients to watch the production. We have a color-acurate monitor as well for the rest of the team to supervise the shoot so that all is seamless and quick.


makeup artist video production

Denver video production studio makeup room

The makeup room / changing room is available for all productions and allows the talent to prep away from the production area. Its always great to have a space for your talent to re-charge and stay focused without being involved in sometimes hectic production setups.

Oprah Network video production at Manmade Media Studio

2010-12-07 14.45.38

Oprah Network using Manmade Media Studio.

Above is a quick look at a recent shoot at Manmade Media Studio by Oprah Network’s crew for the show “Unfaithful”. The team gained quicker than usual setup through our turn-key approach. The shoot ended up being quicker and less hectic making it easier on the crew and talent.

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