Denver greenscreen studio rental with video production backbone, CREATIVE & FANATICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

Being a small and limber Denver video production studio, we can adapt to many situations your production may need. Just browse our gallery to see how our clients have transformed our studio into their unique production requirements.

Manmade Media Studio specializes in Denver video production, post-production, and greenscreen studio rentals. We keep our denver green screen studio calendar current with Kino-Flo lighting, sound foam throughout the studio for great audio, 6K RED Dragon camera or another HD video package, and much much more, so please check back with us frequently if you’re planning on booking. We also updated our pricing for 2017 and accept credit card payments for your convenience!

We’ve been doing quite a bit of on-location production using our RED Dragon 6k camera. Our large corporate clients love the RED format due to its greater post-production and color capabilities for broadcast or web.