Long lasting relationship is an understatement when it comes to Colorado Symphony and Manmade Media. What started out as a shot in a dark phone call to CS some 7+ years ago, has grown into a body of work that pushes the boundaries of symphonic music beyond its traditional listener.

You can view most of these on CS’s website, but we wanted to zero in on a few that really sparked some creative juices.

Client: Colorado Symphony
Chief Marketing Officer: Parker Owens
Production Agency: Manmade Media
Creative Director: Marcin Biegunajtys
Editor: Marcin Biegunajtys

PROJECT: Colorado Symphony and Denver Zoo Collaboration

CHALLENGE: Capture music performance and hopefully not spook the animals while we do it. And hope to capture something special while we’re at it.

SOLUTION: Assemble a small crew of 2 camera operators and one audio engineer to capture the content. We had to keep in mind that by bringing the musicians we didn’t want to introduce any unwanted distraction. To our bewilderment, the giraffes, orangutans, and rhino all showcased some incredible behavior as soon as the musicians begun. Immediately after the production, we took the footage back to our post-production facility and begun the edit. Having been on the shoot, this allowed us to work much more quickly and efficiently in the edit suite, ultimately providing a faster turnaround for the client.

But we will let you hunt those down on either Denver Zoo’s or Colorado Symphony’s youtube channels, because everyone should enjoy a little safari!

PROJECT: Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” pay-per-view concert.

CHALLENGE: Capture the concert and produce a final presentation for “Pay-Per-View” platform to help bring in additional funds during pandemic.

SOLUTION: We knew we had to capture all aspects of the program without skipping a beat or be in the way of the musicians. So 3 camera operators, 4 RED cameras, 1 Arri camera, and 2 go-pros later, we set out to capture at resolutions beyond 4k which helped us in the edit to look like more cameras were filming the event.

PROJECT: Together In Hope – Independence Eve Program.

CHALLENGE: Produce an Independence Eve Special with Colorado Symphony during pandemic for City of Denver.

SOLUTION: Starting in June, we proceeded to travel light and capture small ensembles of musicians playing throughout well known Colorado locations. While Denver 7 captured the two anchors, we were tasked with all interviews and performances, as well as delivery of the final project. We ended up with a one man, 2 camera production crew moving and shaking, until we delivered the final project just 2 days prior to the airing date, 4th of July.  Whew….