PROJECT: Bellco Credit Union – Choiceline Spot

CHALLENGE: The client wanted to show the journey of a growing family through four distinct times in their life as they tackle goals like home remodeling.

SOLUTION: The storyboard consisted of a single continuous shot that allowed the talent to move through the screen between 4 distinct scenes. We used our Bolt motion control robot to design the shot and deliver seamless and precise shots for post-production. The project was shot entirely on our green screen sound stage and allowed us to move straight into post-production and compositing with helpful camera tracking data. All of the environments were created with Unreal Engine. We delivered on time and on budget, and provided one of a kind creative!

Agency: Scream Agency
Producer: Krisi Olivero
Executive Producer: Ben Seymour
Directed by: Jon Stevenson
DP/Motion Control operator: Marcin Biegunajtys
Motion Control: Manmade Media Studio

Compositor: Marcin Biegunajtys
Unreal Engine: Brian Vogt / Marcin Biegunajtys

Check out some BTS from this project, and see how it was made!