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Color for digital artists class

All About Color for Digital Artists

Join us for a unique two-hour class all about digital color and the computer at Manmade Media in Aurora on Thursday, April 2nd from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Presented by Steve Wright, a master Visual Effects trainer and digital imaging guru, this class is specifically designed for artists of all professions that work with images.

This is not an art class. It will not teach how to create “looks”. You can get that in many places. This is the essential knowledge of digital color that is critical to controlling the quality of your images and pictures that is so hard to find because it is scattered all over. You have learned your craft and you work with digital images all the time but never have you had the opportunity to have the principles of digital color pulled together so completely and so clearly in one event.

This event has a maximum capacity of 40 tickets. Be sure to secure your ticket early to not miss out on this information packed presentation!

Who should attend – photographers, video editors, Photoshop artists, motion graphic artists, 3D animators, visual effects artists, cinematographers, and anybody who works with digital images.

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Manmade Media Studio specializes in Denver video production, post-production, and greenscreen studio rentals. We keep our denver green screen studio calendar current with updated lighting grid, sound foam throughout the studio for perfect audio, RED Dragon camera ready and much much more, so please check back with us frequently if you’re planning on booking. We also updated our pricing for 2015 and accept credit card payments for your convenience!

Being a small and limber Denver video studio, we can adapt to many situations your production may need. Just browse the images on the right to see how our clients have transformed our studio into their unique production needs. If you’re looking for a video production studio, give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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While the new branding by Brink Creative’s Jennifer Braham is ROCKING, the new projects are spawning left and right. We’re also styling a new camera rig, and shooting RED Dragon like it was going out of style. Beautiful footage and amazing new projects for CDOT, Regis, Oakley, PostNet and more!

We’ve been doing quite a bit of on-location production using our RED Dragon 6k camera. Our large corporate clients love the camera production due to its large print-capable format, as well as greater post-production capabilities from broadcast to web video.

We’re currently working in collaboration with Steve Wright, a world renowned VFX supervisor and Nuke trainer on his upcoming online courses. Manmade Media has been shooting RED footage for all of his VFX plates, so keep your eye out for Steve’s new classes!

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