SEOGON has been an amazing SEO company to work with, both on our SEO as well as their video campaign.

We designed and delivered a series of videos that were targeted to educate and stimulate viewers to contact SEOGON for their SEO needs.

The videos have been greatly received by SEOGON’s potential clients, and their leads increased 300% during the video execution.

We utilized one of the SEOGON’s employees, Jack, to be the principal talent. The series explores the questions we all have about SEO, and what happens when you engage company like SEOGON.



Our Task

Produce marketing videos to help drive more customer awareness and potential lead generation.

Production Crew

Client: SEOGON
Creative Director: Marcin Biegunajtys
DP: Marcin Biegunajtys
Edit/Compositing: Marcin Biegunajtys
Talent: Jack Duffy

Used Skills

Creative Direction
Green Screen Studio Production
Post Production / Animation