It happens all the time, a worldwide client needing to expand their marketing arm with motion graphics and production capabilities on specific projects. Manmade Media was hired to jump into a project to fast-track it while providing our studio space to film additional footage, provide a dynamic edit with motion graphic supplements, as well as do a color grade for the final project.

The client couldn’t be happier as we dove right in and integrated into their existing video team, and lead this project to its completion on-time and on-budget!


Western Union

Our Task

We provided an extension of WU’s video team and provided motion graphic/post and production services to work on a quick turnaround success video for a major milestone for the company.

Production Crew

Client: Western Union
DP: Marcin Biegunajtys
Edit/Compositing: Marcin Biegunajtys

Used Skills

Denver Video Studio production
Video Editing
Post Production & Animation