It was very exciting to get a call from PostNet to lend a hand in designing a new video campaign centered around their services, local small business growth, and allowing PostNet to brand the campaigns to specific PostNet locations around the world.

Our approach was to design something that hits hard on the variety of products PostNet stores can offer no matter their location, and to keep PostNet top of mind when selecting your printing/mailing/design company.

For our project we decided to utilize our Kessler motion control system, which allowed us to seamlessly lock in the talent to the cleaned up video plates of the physical location. Since we had cars driving in/out, people walking by, and signs that did not suit our project, we had to think fast and be nimble in both production and post.

We were excited to work with The Chalk, a local VFX vendor in Denver to have them do roto work on the talent, so that we could do all the post and motion with our tight 2 week turnaround.



Our Task

Write, produce, edit and design motion graphics

Production Crew

Production Company: Manmade Media –
Creative Director/Editing/Motion Graphics: Marcin Biegunajtys
Roto Artist: Thomas Tamura – The Chalk VFX
Camera Operator: Nelson Carayannis
Assistant: Daniel Gambino
Animation/Post: Manmade Media
Script: Allison Leking / Krona Communications
Talent: Eden Talent Agency, Denver

Used Skills

Script writing
Audio Production
Video motion graphic vignettes for PostNet