We were very excited to get a call from Denver’s Nokero Solar, with a simple request: “conceptualize, write, film and deliver a finished product in less than a week”. This is a reality we often are faced with, and without a second thought we begun our work.

Luck would have it that our intern at the time; Andrew,  came back from Uganda with a whole lot of great pictures that we were able to use in the post. We shot everything in our green screen studio space with a teleprompter mounted on our 20ft long dolly system.

Then, it was long hours compositing, editing, and final touches, and VIOLA! They have been doing some incredible work around the world, so if you can, give them a look: http://nokero.com/


Nokero Solar

Our Task

Write, produce, shoot, edit and composite an introduction video.

Production Crew

DP: Marcin Biegunajtys
Assistant: Andrew Regan
Edit/Compositing: Marcin Biegunajtys
Photography: Andrew Regan
Talent: Ketrick Copeland

Used Skills

Audio production