Space, the final frontier… or a great way to access and send critical information when needed. Lockheed Martin knocked on our door again to help produce a  project for The World Forum, the HelpNow app video.

The video was featured during the conference and has helped deliver the project message to the masses across the globe.

We worked with LM’s team to establish a direction after they delivered the CEO’s footage to us. We knew that there will be quite a bit of post production needed, such as editing the footage given to us while we extended the background and conformed the footage to be wide screen. We sampled some of the bokeh lights in the back and rendered them seamlessly with the footage, as well as created dramatic motion graphic treatment over the voice over footage for the opener.

We also worked with with LM’s 3D department to use assets of their satellite models which we composited with Nuke.


Lockheed Martin

Our Task

Creative direction, post-production, motion graphics, finishing.

Production Crew

Production Company: Manmade Media –
Creative Director/Editing/Motion Graphics: Marcin Biegunajtys

Used Skills

Creative Direction
Video Editing
Post Production / Color Grading / Motion Graphics